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ReactiveOps was founded as a solution to a problem.

We saw CTOs spending all their time re-architecting their own systems,
instead of focusing on their companies’ products. It didn’t make any sense.

So, ReactiveOps was born – a team dedicated to creating smarter infrastructure,
and freeing up CTOs to focus on their products.

Now, we’re building and maintaining infrastructure for businesses all over the US. And we’ve evolved into far more than just a crisis team. With dedicated engineers on-hand 24/7, we’re set up to become an extension of your team.

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Meet Reactive Ops

Team Kendall Miller

Kendall Miller

Chief Operating Officer

Team Brian Bensky

Brian Bensky

Director of Sales

Team Eric Malloy

Eric Malloy

Site Reliability Engineer

Team David Polstra

David Polstra

Director of Marketing

Img 0197

Andy Suderman

Site Reliability Engineer

Team Jess Grebenschikov

Jess Grebenschikov

Site Reliability Engineer

Kim Schlesinger

Kim Schlesinger

Site Reliability Engineer


Anthony Grimes

Account Executive

Team Ivan Fetch

Ivan Fetch

Site Reliability Engineer

Team Lance Smith

Lance Smith

Lead Site Reliability Engineer

Team Rob Scott

Rob Scott

Site Reliability Engineer

Team Crismar Mejia

Crismar Mejia

Site Reliability Engineer


Micah Huber

Site Reliabilty Engineer

Team Matt Rogish

Matt Rogish


Team Scott Weiss

Scott Weiss

Marketing Coordinator

Team Dave Konopka

Dave Konopka

Site Reliability Engineer

Team Corey Obrien

Corey O'Brien

Lead Site Reliability Engineer

Team Nick Huanca

Nick Huanca

Site Reliability Engineer

Team Ej Etherington

EJ Etherington

Chief Technical Officer

Team Daniel Osullivan

Daniel O'Sullivan

Site Reliability Engineer

Team Sarah Zelechoski

Sarah Zelechoski

Vice President of Engineering

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Our Community page is the place to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings at ReactiveOps and the world of DevOps.