About ReactiveOps

Managed web operations since 2006

Our Vision

We started ReactiveOps with a simple vision: to transform web operations by leveraging our decades of large-scale ops and product experience. We believe that every SaaS company ought to have the same amazing product delivery that Etsy, Netflix, and Google have - scaled and tailored to their size. Practically speaking, that means completely automated infrastructures, containerized deployment, continuous deployment, better developer ergonomics, coupled with our unique DevOps-as-a-Service model leading to faster time to market and increased profitability.

Our History & Philosophy

In 2006, Bradley Taylor founded Rails Machine, a managed hosting company performing managed operations for Ruby on Rails-based web applications. In 2014, Matt Rogish joined as CTO and added AWS-based support to Rails Machine's products and services. Quickly thereafter, we realized strong demand for the service and decided to spin out ReactiveOps from the Rails Machine organization. We are a full-service web operations and consulting company with a small team of experienced, dedicated, and focused people who have a genuine interest in technology and enjoy working with and giving back to the web community.

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Our Team

We’re a small group of experienced, dedicated, and focused DevOps specialists. Our unique, boutique company is dedicated to providing you with the best service, just like an in-house team would. Get to know us!