Our Approach

Our expert staff and unique framework provides painless next-generation DevOps tools and processes.

Our Devops Consulting Is

Plus, our DevOps-as-a-Service model to maintain and grow your infrastructure and support it with 24/7/365 pager rotation

Stage 1

Research & Discovery

Our consulting process begins by working with you to understand and document the present reality of your infrastructure. You spend time with us showing us what you’ve done and the decisions you've made in your architecture. Too busy? You can give us the keys and let us map it out for you.

Stage 2

Infrastructure Strategy & Planning

Our experts will then form a plan to improve performance, security, availability, and help you fulfill your infrastructure goals. Whether you need ChatOps or to migrate to microservices and containers we will discuss priorities, advantages, and architect the future your company needs.

Stage 3

Iterative Enhancement

Once you agree on the scope of work, we implement weekly iterations – constantly provide updates through integrations with our Slack channel, and setting priorities on a weekly basis. There are no long term contracts - keep going until you would like to stop.

Stage 4


Unlike others, we won’t leave for greener pastures. We exist to protect your investment in infrastructure. Through DevOps-as-a-Service packages customized for your application and infrastructure, we own on-call rotation for the work we’ve done, provide ongoing upgrades and support, help implement future changes, and offer availability via a Slack room during normal business hours, answering any questions you might have.

No contract, no obligation, OSS tools whenever possible, and you own everything all the time.

We're your outsourced, in-house DevOps team.

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