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Site Reliability Engineer

As a Site Reliability Engineer, your primary goal will be to ensure our client’s applications are available, fast, and secure. Our clients need the best service, support, and products, and we need you to help us deliver.

1. Job Description

At ReactiveOps, we offer two main products: DevOps consulting and ongoing DevOps-as-a-Service. Through DevOps consulting, we write infrastructure automation, migrate to high-availability solutions, and craft Kubernetes-based microservice architectures for our clients. You’ll work directly with clients to ensure their goals are met through automation, analysis, and infrastructure configuration.

Via DevOps-as-a-Service, we act as our client's “outsourced, in-house DevOps team”, on top of AWS or GCP. You’ll manage globally load balanced installations, as well as smaller, single-region affairs. If the client elects to subscribe to our pager service, we provide 24/7/365 pager rotation for infrastructure outages (only on the great infrastructure's we build).

No matter the product, we take a DevOps-centric approach with our clients - we believe that we provide amazing service and our clients get the best value when we work closely together. We integrate task trackers (Pivotal, Trello, Asana), chat (Slack, Hipchat), and source control (github) into our own workflow through careful and clever use of automation, giving our clients the ability to contact us like they would with an internal DevOps team but without an operational burden on us.

You’ll work with technologies such as Terraform and Kubernetes on top of AWS or Google Cloud Platform. You will setup and automate high availability application clusters for technologies like Ruby-on-Rails, Django, Node, and Elixir (to name a few). You'll engineer management, orchestration, monitoring, and alerting for fleets of instances. If you’ve ever wanted to work at a scale that few companies do, you’ll find the right challenge here at ReactiveOps!

We all work from home and have a “Remote First” culture. We are a Results-Only Work Environment, have a transparent and public technical ladder, minimum vacation policy and unlimited time off, and require healthy work-life balance. We pay 100% of individual and family health insurance premiums and have been bootstrapped and profitable since our founding.

We're hiring across experience bands from mid to senior levels.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

2. Responsbilities

  • Perform DevOps-focused consulting work for diverse clients
  • Build and maintain large-scale Kubernetes deployments
  • Create and maintain system architecture, design, and automation
  • Pair with other SRE/SAs, mentor junior staff
  • Release and maintain open-source software and projects
  • Author blog posts and participate in the community by going to meetups, conferences, etc. as a ReactiveOps representative
  • Manage availability and performance problems for clients; automate resolution to prevent re-occurrence
  • Limited participation in 24/7 pager as necessary


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