Case Studies

Our expert staff and unique framework provide painless next-generation DevOps tools and processes. Here are a few stories about what we've done.

Boxed had an inconsistent infrastructure with problematic security rules and only partial automation with many manual processes. They wanted ReactiveOps to stabilize their infrastructure, decrease vulnerabilities and provide highly reliable 24/7 support.
Rather than leave infrastructure as an afterthought, EBTH approached ReactiveOps about infrastructure architecture at the very beginning of its lifecycle so they could scale quickly.
W&R Studios builds web applications for real estate agents. They have been a client of ReactiveOps for nearly four years. W&R Studios hired us not to solve one big problem, but to help them with lots of small problems for which they didn’t want to hire an operations team.
PipelineDeals has people who understand infrastructure and their systems were already in a relatively solid place when they approached ReactiveOps. But their engineers knew there was room for DevOps improvement.
MuirSkate increased in size 40x after they went from a brick and mortar store to the premier online dealer of everything longboard related. They needed a team of DevOps experts to help their website keep up with demand and grow with their customer base.
Cattlesoft Cattlesoft came to ReactiveOps to ask for help managing their operations from the start. ReactiveOps helped to architect an infrastructure that could grow alongside Cattlesoft—implementing high availability for it's Rails application.
When Betterment approached ReactiveOps it was to help with an architecture project they had been wanting to tackle for some time. When they initially migrated to AWS from Rackspace they had created and built their entire infrastructure on a single VPC.