Case Study


“Betterment - Investing Made Better - The largest automated investing service. Betterment has been in business for five years now having launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2010.”
Alan Norton
Software Architect & Engineer

Goal - Switch from a single VPC to a multiple VPC environment with easy-to-audit security

When Betterment approached ReactiveOps it was to help with an architecture project they had been wanting to tackle for some time. When they initially migrated to AWS from Rackspace they had created and built their entire infrastructure on a single VPC. “We did a good job of segmenting our network with security groups after the fact. But we knew we wanted to go in and use a multiple VPC setup ever since we got in to this.” - Alan Norton - Software Architect & Engineer

Solution - A Detailed Roadmap to Migrate to a “Spoke & Hub” Style Infrastructure

Betterment’s architecture engineers explained to ReactiveOps the direction they wanted to take their infrastructure. ReactiveOps Engineers then dove deep into their infrastructure and came back with a concrete diagram and specific proposal outlining every step needed to get Betterment from point A to point B smoothly and with the best possible security in place. They wanted user class VPN segmentation, audit-able application environment segmentation, and a robust disaster recovery process in place.

Result - Freedom to Focus on Other Projects

Having ReactiveOps Site Reliability Engineers around to solve infrastructure problems has freed up Betterment’s Engineers to focus on other projects of priority within the organization.

“[The ReactiveOps Engineer] brought a wealth of expertise from the world of AWS to what I had in mind and told me, ‘I see what you're doing here, but what you're thinking limits you, here’s how to do it so you don't encounter those limits.’ She refined them and cut them down to their ideal state. And we moved forward working from that.”