Case Study

Everything But the House

“Everything But The House (EBTH) is a revolutionary online marketplace that provides the reach and convenience of an e-commerce platform for estate sales around the world.”
Bobby Uhlenbrock

Goal - Create a Robust Architecture from the First Step of Development

Rather than leave infrastructure as an afterthought, EBTH approached ReactiveOps about infrastructure architecture at the very beginning of its lifecycle so they could scale quickly.

Solution - High Availability Infrastructure Out the Gate

ReactiveOps made a series of suggestions about technologies that could last and easily scale. From the beginning, a High Availability infrastructure was created and a MySQL Galera Cluster was implemented, both of which assisted in the rapid growth of EBTH.

Result - Scalable Architecture Done Right the First Time

When asked about what big technical changes we've suggested over the years, Bobby Uhlenbrock, the CTO of EBTH, said, "That's the truly amazing thing—we quadrupled our monthly traffic and haven't had to change almost anything in architecture because we built it the right way from the beginning thanks to ReactiveOps’ help. The architectural decisions that we collaborated on in the beginning have held up for years, and have allowed us to focus on new features instead of redoing existing work in infrastructure to get to the next level."