Case Study


“PipelineDeals is the first sales productivity platform to combine sales engagement and CRM in one simple app.”
Brandon Hilkert
Engineering Team Lead

Goal - High Availability and Robust Disaster Recovery

PipelineDeals has people who understand infrastructure and their systems were already in a relatively solid place when they approached ReactiveOps. But their engineers knew there was room for DevOps improvement. PipelineDeals asked us to dive into their infrastructure and use our expert knowledge to identify all single points of failure in their database, DNS, load balancers, etc... We set out to make the system a high availability infrastructure, increase redundancy and improve plans for disaster recovery.

Solution - Migrate from EC2 Classic to a VPC based infrastructure

PipelineDeals knew what they wanted to get done, ReactiveOps engaged intensely with their engineers over a two week period and proposed a detailed a plan to help them accomplish their goals. Our Site Reliability Engineers then implemented the move from the AWS EC2 Classic to a Virtual Private Cloud with private and public subnets for internal and external facing services for maximum security. ReactiveOps also proposed and implemented a move from a MySQL master-slave configuration to a multi-master Galera cluster, directly addressing PipelineDeals’ database concerns and making their systems more robust.

Result - A Safety Blanket in Managed Operations

PipelineDeals says now that the implementation is complete, our managed operations serves as something of “a safety blanket.” Despite the many changes made, most everything still feels the same, though their deployment process has changed slightly as a result of these improvements. Now when PagerDuty goes off they know they can reach out and the Site Reliability Engineers at ReactiveOps are available in the Slack channel whenever needed.

What PipelineDeals is saying

“The comfort factor that ReactiveOps provides is indispensable.”
Brandon Hilkert
Engineering Team Lead
“RO provides you with an entire team of knowledgeable experts – yet it’s more cost effective than an in-house operations hire.”
Grant Ammons
VP Engineering